European roulette

You have many betting options in European roulette. The most common types are outside and inside bets. When you play for fun, you can experiment with these to find out which ones pay out the most often. Below are the rules of the two most popular bet types. Which one is better for you? Let’s find out. The first one is more advantageous for beginners, while the latter is more complex and offers higher payouts. You can also play for real money if you’re looking to learn how to beat the roulette game.

When the ball drops on a single number, the bets placed before it are ignored. The winning number is announced by the croupier. The loser surrenders his bet, while the winning bet is paid out. There are two main types of bets on the European roulette table. One is an inside bet, which involves a single number, or a small group of adjacent numbers. The other type is an outside bet, which encompasses multiple numbers.

The minimum and maximum bets in the European Roulette game are shown on the left side of the screen. The current stakes are also displayed. There is a clear all/remove button at the bottom of the screen, so you can see what your bets look like before you start playing. The minimum and maximum bets are announced as the wheel spins. The ball will be released after the wheel stops spinning. Once the ball is released on the wheel, the winning numbers will be called out and the colors will be awarded automatically.